Entertainer Jaimie Roberts


“Give me your tired, your bored, your skeptic, your
‘been-there-done-that,’ your ‘let's-see-what-she-
can-do’ and watch them sit up in their seats!”

Jaimie Roberts is a complete package of music, story, life's experiences and an uncompromising love for what she does best. . . . perform!

Jaimie knows her audience, she senses their feelings, she responds to their every reaction and turns it all back on to them with absolutely delightful results. She is in total audience and personal control. No matter the song, she tells it story like it should be told. . . happy, sad, soulful, lonely, funky, funny, loving. . . whatever the emotion. . . it's all there. . . spilling over with a love for those watching and listening in the darkness.

"Newly released, Red Hot from the Attic Door!"

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Photograph of Jaimie Roberts
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